Cool Blue Heat

by Wax Moon

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Wax Moon is:
Paul Kimball & John Blatchford

All songs written by Paul Kimball
and arranged by Wax Moon

Recordings captured live at Noise Root Studio in San Jose, CA
by Rob Ernst on 4-23-16

Recordings mixed at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA
By Adam Muñoz on 6-17-16

All booklet art by Renée French

Copyright 2016


released November 4, 2016


all rights reserved



Wax Moon California

Wax Moon are an acoustic vocal duo: Paul Kimball and John Blatchford. Based in the SF Bay Area, Wax Moon's harmony singing and passionate but subtle song craft should appeal to fans of Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, First Aid Kit, the Milk Carton Kids, or Simon & Garfunkel. ... more

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Track Name: Cool Blue Heat

In the middle of last Thursday night
I drifted all along the quiet streets
windows down, seat reclined
listening to “Kathy’s Song” on repeat

And now I understand these cutting girls
the tiny slices that burn so sweet
doses of medicine soberly applied
to pull out the poison
cool blue heat

At the ending of my ninth time through
the pressure in my chest swelled again
I lost control
I needed to
I turned the music off and headed in

No longer active
in the culture of my time
hiding in the rhyme
mining what I can
trying to recognize
the diamond in the sand
the legend on the map
before the coming collapse
Track Name: My Future Crime

If I had a dime
for each of the times
I barely avoided the jail
I’d have me enough
to call every bluff
and still have a bankroll
to cover the bail

I’ll get away with my future crime
there won’t be a witness willing to talk
except for that guy
with the shiftiest eye
in every mirror I might come across
with nowhere in this world to hide

Her defenses were up
for so long they got stuck
together we eased them down
didn’t know at the time
I was crossing a line
from hero to villain for my future crime

Today my love opened her ledger to me
and whispered the words “together, forever”
I felt the man she believed me to be
peeling away, pedal to metal
Track Name: Always Here

I tried driving to Utah
I tried a Mexican beach
I tried a fire watch station on a cold Sierra peak
I tried counting great whites on a Farallon’s windward side
I tried so hard to leave you behind
but you’re always here
you’re always here
you’re always here with me

I tried the heart of Manhattan
Times Square on New Year’s Eve
I tried walking to Mecca
with the pilgrims in a sea of belief
I tried the free music festival
cheerful people all around
I tried so hard to lose you in the crowd
but you’re always here
you’re always here
you’re always here with me

You’ve been gone for so long
why won’t you leave me?

I tried staying inside
all the curtains drawn
I tried so hard to be all alone
but you’re always here
you’re always here
you’re always here with me
Track Name: BH&B

Leaves brighten before they fall
We frighten, try to stall

Tell me a truth, tell me a lie
tell me all the things that I need to survive
Nobody knows everything about anything, that’s for sure

Everything became clear
after a bong hit and a beer
so you don’t need to worry about me

Oh, I help myself.
Don’t mind if I do help myself
Track Name: Dreams Run Dry

Throwing bottles out the window
just to hear the glass break
Here in my neighborhood
the getting has never been good
but it’s gotten worse here as of late

Working through another weekend
washing dishes by the stack
at night when I close my eyes
this is not what I visualize
but like it or not, this is all that I have

I need to find me a river to sit by
Laze in the sun for a while
leave all my worries in the cool green grass
and dream till my dreams have run dry

Dreaming never got me nothing
just a sad case of heartbreak
the more I stay in the real
the more these hurts heal
but I’m so wasted from staying awake

We are all dreaming more than we’re awake
we are all dreaming more than we’re awake
we’ve got no idea how much we can take
we are all dreaming

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